Techniques, Tips and Useful Tricks to Owning and Maintaining Refrigerators. Refrigerator is the most essential appliance in modern homes today. Regardless of their popularity in the home appliances market, a lot of users are still not very aware of how to make efficient use of their refrigerators. The following article will cover a few strategies, techniques, and adjustments that allow users to efficiently make use of their refrigerator without worrying about electricity bills, spoilt food, and numerous service and repair charges. TIPS AND INFORMATION Buying a stabiliser Although many companies claim that their refrigerators come with stabilisers, it’s always good to stay on the safe side and purchase one. With big electrical systems like refrigerators, it’s absolutely vital to use[…]

During the summer, you can either beat the heat or play along to its tune. Although the latter is thrilling, the former is preferred by many individuals who wish to stay hydrated and unheated. Air conditioning units have become popular devices in many households. Therefore, to save energy and money, here are some important tips and tricks to not only stay cool but also expect optimal performance from your AC. There are 4 areas that need your attention while servicing an AC. By following the order below, one can effectively service one’s own AC. DUST REMOVAL AND FIN ADJUSTMENTS (EXTERNAL COMPRESSOR AND UNIT) Let’s begin by cleaning from the exterior section. Unscrew the fan casing and grill, dust away the[…]